Koh Phangan Nightlife & Party Guide in 2023

Koh Phangan Nightlife & Party Guide in 2023

In general, I never look back or remember the night I got plenty of sleep. And I hope it is the same case with most of you.

Spending the night outdoors, whether under the tranquil dark sky or inside the most happening fantastic clubs, are the best memories that we have.

And I had such kind of experiences all throughout the journey of my life and one such cherishing moment is partying in Koh Phangan. Trust me, you get to experience outstanding nights there.

About Koh Phangan

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Koh Phangan is the fifth-largest island of Thailand, located between Koh Tao and Koh Samui and about 70 km away from the country’s mainland.

It doesn’t have an airport facility. But we can rely on ferries from the country mainland. There are also ferries from Koh Samui

While Koh Phangan is well known for its untouched beauty with white sandy beaches and is full of hilly tropical jungles, the island is famous for being a host for fabulous nightlife.

Since it is also famous for diving spots, it is good to carry swimsuits. Thus this island is full of fun and adventure.

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Nightlife in Koh Phangan claimed its fame with many clubs hosting new moon parties, full moon parties, and half-moon parties making wonderful nights for music festival seekers.

Daytime experiences cover only half a picture of what nightlife in Koh Phangan contributes to its significant share of the island’s tourism industry.

Koh Phangan is also one of the top destinations for single men to get laid.

full moon party

Koh Phangan Nightlife Areas

The best nightclubs, bars, and dancing spots are focused on different nightlife areas, the best of the party areas being located right on the beach.

  • Haad Rin (south of the island): Merkaba Beach Club, Sandcastle Club, Pirates Bar, and also the Full Moon Party.
  • Ban Tai (west, southwest of the island): Infinity Beach Club, Ku Club, Loy Lai Floating Bar and the Black Moon Party.
  • Thong Nai (northeast of the island): Rasta baby, Beach Bar at Havana Resort.

Also if you are looking for live music bars, the best from the island is The Jam Bar on Hin Kong Beach (west of the island).

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Where to Stay in Koh Phangan

So, Koh Phangan has a wide variety of party hostels of wide price ranges for all kinds of travelers starting from small scale to luxurious super stylish.

You can easily find social/party atmospheres with monthly moon parties, pool parties, music parties, free Wi-Fi, swimming pools and fitness centers, wild parties, epic drink deals and cocktails, drinking games, chill times, cool down pools, free body paints and pleasant beach views that turn to be lively and buzzy after sunset.

Among the best party hostels are:

  • Dancing Elephant Hostel
  • Phangan Arena Hostel
  • Phanganist Hostel
  • Slumber Party Hostel
  • Mad Monkey Hostel.

Koh Phangan Moon Parties

Celebrating phases of the Moon made Koh Phangan famous across the world, especially with the significant nightlife of Koh Phangan around its Full Moon Party.

I attended one of the Full Moon parties and it’s one of the best parties that must be bucket listed by any party seekers.

There are several stories heard around its celebration, among which the most commonly heard to me is that the full moon party was initiated in 1983 in Haad Rin which continued from then to celebrate the crazy night every month till today.

Many bars and clubs line up at the beach and in the jungles where you can get the buzz on with modern music beats of the house and other techno music by international DJs, while you keep dancing with your neon body paints sparkling in UV lights, drinking to your fullest.

Around 30,000 people or even more gather on sandy beaches and enjoy under the moon seeing it go from dusk till dawn.

The Full Moon Party

Is located on Haad Rin beach and the entry fee is only 100 baht. The best way to get here is by taxi since all the accommodation providers offer tickets and transportation to the Full Moon Festival.

Just to keep in mind most hotels and hostels are not selling only one-night accommodation during the festivals, most of them require a minimum 4 nights stay and the price is always much higher, sometimes even 3 times more expensive.

Not far from the festival is a 7-11 shop where you can buy cheap alcohol so if you are on a budget don’t buy from the beach. The Half-Moon Party

half moon party koh phangan

Located in the center of the island, is a better version of the Full Moon Party if you can afford to pay 1500 baht for the entry.

Try to buy an early ticket, for example, if you buy 2 months before the event, you will get a 1+1 ticket offer.

Don’t buy at the door since it is more expensive, about 2000 baht. In my opinion, the Half Moon Festival is much better than the Full Moon Party. They are much more organized and have better amenities: proper toilets, security, and much better music.

Full Moon Party features commercial music while Half Moon Festival has 3 stages, each of them playing Psytrance, House, and Hip Hop.

The Jungle Experience

Not far from where the Half Moon Party takes place, is located in the Baan Tai jungle and features a festival of sound and lights.

This festival, along with the Waterfall Party, is my favorite. The price of the ticket for the Jungle Experience is 600 baht.

If you like underground music then this is the perfect place you want to be: house & tech, ranging from deep house, tech house to progressive and sometimes a little bit of techno.

As the name says, this is not just a party but an experience, with different performers being invited here every month.

The Waterfall Party

Located in the Ban Kai jungle, takes place twice a month, two days before and after Full Moon Party.

As the name suggests, this venue features a natural swimming pool and some of the best international DJs playing minimal, tech house, deep house, techno, and progressive until dawn.

The price of the ticket is 600 baht and includes a free drink. For more information about the Waterfall Party

The Black Moon Culture

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Located on Baan Tai beach, takes place once a month, 2 weeks after Full Moon Party. The price at the door is 600 baht, but sometimes you will find it cheaper if you buy online.

The Black Moon Culture is more an experience than a drunkard’s party itself; people come here to enjoy the music more than getting super wasted, being the only festival that features psytrance (Psychedelic Goa Trance).

As dusk falls, it is famously known that the island is transformed from a picturesque shoreline to a network of bars and clubs hosting lively music festival performances by internationally acclaimed DJs.

So, having picturesque sandy beaches and hilly jungles full of bars and clubs, after every sunset, the island of Koh Phangan is transformed from a paradise beach destination to lively music festivals making a once in a lifetime experience.

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